A1 Rubber-Impact Tiles ‘Black Red’

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A1 Rubber-Impact Tiles ‘Black Red’

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$52.50 per m² + GST

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  • Tiles per pallet: up to 100 tiles
  • Thickness: 15mm
  • Dimension: 1m x 1m

Product Description


Material Polymerically bound recycled rubber and 6% EPDM
Density 800kg/m³
Thickness 15mm
Dimensions 1m x 1m, bevelled edges
Wet Pendulum P5 (V) slip resistance
Dry Pendulum D1 ≥ 0.40 (F) dry floor friction
Tensile Strength 1.40 N/mm²
Shore A Hardness 40
Fire Rating CRF 3.1KW/m2 Mean
Smoke Value 100%
Tolerances Dimensions – ± 5%
Thickness – ± 1mm
Density – ± 5%
VOC Emissions Certifcation
Offce Design IEQ-13
Offce Interiors IEQ-11
Total Volatile Organic Compound emission rate 0.2mg/m²/hr (24 hours)
Appearance Flat sliced surface with fne cavernous texture. Can have recycling process
contaminants and other fne impurities embedded throughout the surface.