Hospitality & Food Industry Flooring

It’s essential to choose the right kitchen floors for your restaurant, hotel, motel, club, bar or café. Your floors will need to hold up against huge amounts of foot traffic and be safe enough to prevent falls and slips. Hygiene also needs to be considered, to prevent dirt and bacteria from being spread around the premises.


Skilled Floors provides restaurant and commercial kitchen flooring, club and bar flooring, and flooring solutions for hotels and cafés, in and around Melbourne. Our skilled design team can help you choose the right flooring that is functional, cost effective and cohesive with your brand colour and style.

Kitchen Floor Solutions that Stands Up to High Demands

When choosing hospitality flooring, time should be taken to consider the wants and needs of your business. Here’s a few things to consider:

  • Durability. Kitchen, restaurant and hotel floors will take a beating over their lifetime. To get the most from your investment, you need a flooring that will last and look great for years to come.
  • Slip resistance. To avoid accidents, make sure your new hospitality flooring is slip resistant and meets all the relevant codes and standards. Employees and customers need to be safe while in your venue.
  • Maintenance. Spills happen often in a hospitality business. Flooring that is free from cracks and gaps is essential to prevent grime and bacteria build up.
  • Design. A business open to the public needs to look good and stay on trend to keep customers coming back. Flooring is an extension of your brand and needs to fit in cohesively.

Hospitality Flooring in a Variety of Colours, Patterns and Finishes

Each area of your hospitality venue will need to stand up to different demands. Kitchens, reception areas, cloakrooms, lounge and dining spaces and hotel bedrooms will all need suitable flooring. At Skilled Floors we offer a range of customisable flooring solutions such as vinyl, carpet tiles, timber boards and more, whilst offering installation services that create a fully sealed and water tight finish. Contact our design team today for help choosing the best flooring for your needs.