Health & Medical Care Flooring Solutions

Healthcare floors needs to be hygienic, easy to clean and meet strict health and safety standards. Whether you’re a doctor’s surgery, dentist, hospital or alternative healthcare facility, germs and allergens need to be controlled to keep patients and staff safe.


Here at Skilled Floors, we have years of experience providing flooring for hospitals, flooring for dental clinics and flooring for doctor’s surgery’s in Melbourne. We know what it takes to meet the strict flooring requirements of healthcare facilities, while not sacrificing visual aesthetics.

Some Things To Consider When Choosing Your Healthcare or Medical Centre Floor

Medical care flooring has industry specific requirements. We’re able to advise you on the flooring specifics for hospitals, doctors and dental clinics. Here’s what you need to consider:

  • Hygiene. The priority of every medical facility is to care for patients, minimise the spread of diseases and adhere to strict safety standards. We can advise on the best health care floors that are easy to maintain and prevent the build up of germs and dust.
  • Resilience. To get the best for your money, medical care flooring needs to stand the test of time. Your new floors need to be resilient to impact but comfortable for people to walk on.
  • Slip resistance. Your patients will be walking through your facility and need to be safe from slips and falls. Slip-resistant flooring is a necessity and a sound investment.
  • Design. Medical facilities can be scary places for patients. We can add a little comfort and warmth with a range of flooring colours and designs.

Healthcare Flooring to Suit Various Areas of Your Facility

Our healthcare flooring options come with a range of benefits and features. One of the Skilled Floors team can help you choose the right option for each area of your facility.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is a top option for health care flooring because it’s hygienic, easy to keep clean, slip resistant and budget friendly. It can be used in multiple areas such as hallways, operating theatres and waiting rooms.

Carpet Flooring

While carpet isn’t ideal for all areas of a medical facility, it works well in reception areas and waiting rooms. It’s comfortable underfoot and able to withstand the wear and tear from large amounts of foot traffic.